2 Feb – 10 Feb 2019

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Sunday 10th February
Location: Lt. Bourke Street, between Exhibition Street and Market Lane
Time: 3.00p.m. to 5.00p.m.

In true tradition, especially in prayers, offerings and celebrations, it is important to have a piece of roast pork in the celebrations – the pork, roasted to a beautiful golden colour symbolises the “pink of health” of a person. Join in the festivities and enjoy scrumptious pieces of pork, crackling, and all “Piggy” food:

  • Traditional Roast Pork, including “Vegetarian Mock Roast Pork”
  • Best Pork Crackling
  • Pork Dumplings
  • Sweet and Sour Pork

Join in the competitions and as the CBA slogan goes, see who “CAN” finish the

  • Chinese Pork Sausages (Lup Cheong) first, or
  • Pork Hock Eating, or
  • Pig in the Blanket

With your tummy well satisfied, join in the fun and see who will win the contest of the Piggy Back Race!

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