Sally Capp

The City of Melbourne is proud to support the 2022 Melbourne Chinatown Chinese New Year Festival, a free family event for everyone to enjoy. Let’s usher in the Year of the Tiger with enthusiasm in one of our city’s most lively precincts.

Chinatown is always a popular destination for Melburnians and during Chinese New Year the dining and entertainment is at its best. It’s a time for family and friends to gather and to celebrate Melbourne’s diversity and social harmony.

I’m so pleased that we can again enjoy Chinese New Year in a COVID-safe way. All our visitors contribute to boosting city businesses that have faced challenges but are hoping for much better days ahead. As we look forward to a brighter 2022, I invite all Melburnians to have a terrific Chinese New Year Festival.

Sally Capp

Lord Mayor


The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Happy Lunar New Year! May the warmth and welcome of this festival bring joy to all.

Australia is fortunate to share in a calendar of festivals from around the world. From new year to mid-autumn and winter to spring, we celebrate together with enthusiasm.

Lunar New Year is no exception. Across different cultures and traditions, generations of Australians have looked forward to this special time. Its distinctive sights and sounds invite us to honour the past and welcome a new season of peace and prosperity.

Australia is the most successful multicultural nation on earth. As we have welcomed communities from around the world, our country has grown in openness and maturity.

The energy and confidence of the Australian Chinese community has long been a gift to our nation. The joyful traditions of your Lunar New Year festival fill the streets of our cities and towns with inspiration and hope for the future.

Australians are hard to beat when it comes to unity in the face of a challenge. Our strength as a nation lies in our tolerance, respect for human dignity and dedication to the freedoms of our democracy.

Our Australian way has sustained us throughout this pandemic — one of the toughest times our country has endured in recent history.

This Lunar New Year, let’s celebrate our support for each other — working to keep all Australians safe, strong and together.

In the spirit of the zodiac, may we enter this new year with the courage, enthusiasm and self-confidence of a tiger.

The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister of Australia


Anthony Albanese MP

It is with great pleasure I wish you a happy Lunar New Year. Just as it is an important festivity on
the Chinese calendar, it has also become a much-loved highlight of the Australian summer.

The core themes of the Year of the Tiger include strength, exorcising evils, and courage – and
what very welcome and timely themes they are. Each of them will stand us in good stead as we
emerge from this time of pandemic, begin the recovery, and start shaping our brighter future.

I would also like to acknowledge the success and dedication of Chinese communities in
Australia. The history of Chinese migration to Australia is as rich as it is diverse – you have truly
made the most of this country and all of its opportunities.

You are such an integral part of what Australia has become as a modern nation. I know this time
of pandemic has been particularly tough on Chinese-Australians – often bearing the brunt of
misplaced blame, discrimination and racism. Those attitudes have no place in our Australian
community – but you do. You are an integral part of the great Australian picture. I want you to
know the Australian Labor Party stands with you.

On behalf of the Australian Labor Party, I wish you all good health, success, luck, happiness and
prosperity for the Year of the Tiger. After all the challenges of 2021, may your celebrations be a
joyous sign that our best days are ahead of us.

Anthony Albanese MP

Leader of the Australian Labor Party


The Hon Daniel Andrews MP

I know that for many Chinese Victorians, Chinese New Year is the most important occasion of the year.

It’s a chance to come together as a community and to spend time with the people we love.

And now, because of everything you have given, and all that we’ve achieved together – we can welcome the Year of the Tiger together.

I want to take this chance to thank our Chinese community for the contribution you make to Victoria every single day.

Your leadership, kindness and compassion has kept our state safe and strong. May the Year of the Tiger bring you and your family health and prosperity.

The Hon Daniel Andrews MP



The Hon Matthew Guy MP

It gives me great pleasure to extend my best wishes to all Victorians celebrating Chinese New Year 2022-the Year of the Tiger.

Celebrated by people across Australia and worldwide, Chinese New Year is one of Victoria’s most unique and well-known multicultural events. Each year, the many celebrations across Victoria are a tremendous example of what we strive to achieve as a community of varied backgrounds, cultures, and interests – mutual respect and celebration.

For Victorians, the Chinese New Year represents an opportunity to come together with family and friends to experience the rich cultural heritage of our Chinese communities. It is also a time to sample and enjoy Victoria’s extraordinary multiculturalism, with families and communities sharing food, festivity, and fellowship.

As we all enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities, we also celebrate the enormous contribution of our multicultural communities to our state’s development, especially that of our dynamic Chinese community.

I thank the Chinatown Precinct Association and the Melbourne Dai Loong Association for their continued contribution to our state’s vibrant multicultural landscape.

The Year of the Tiger symbolises daring and courage, and in this spirit, I wish everyone a joyful and prosperous Chinese New Year 2022.


The Hon Matthew Guy MP

Leader of the Opposition
Leader of the Liberal Party
Shadow Minister for Small Business
State Member for Malvern


The Hon Ros Spence MP

It is with great pleasure that I send my congratulations to the Chinatown Precinct Association and the Melbourne Dai Loong Association for its 2022 Melbourne Chinatown Multicultural Celebrations.

I sincerely thank these two associations for their service to the Chinese community in Victoria and for generously enabling us to share in this vibrant and ancient culture. Chinatown itself has been a hub for Chinese migrants since 1851 and remains a centre for entrepreneurship and discovery for both Victorians and visitors from around the world.
As we come together again to celebrate after what has certainly been a difficult time, I wish all involved with this wonderful event the very best as you reopen your doors and rekindle business relationships and friendships.

In doing so, you provide Victorians with the opportunity to engage again with the Chinese community which is an essential part of Victoria’s multicultural success story, and play an important role in the rejuvenation of Victoria after the pandemic.

I thank all Chinese Victorians for the enormous contribution they make to the social, economic and cultural prosperity of our state and wish you all a joyous celebration.

The Hon Ros Spence MP

Minister for Multicultural Affairs


Ms Vivienne Nguyen

I begin by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land where I am joining you, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation and I pay respects to their elders past and present.

To many Victorian communities celebrating the Lunar New Year this year, let me wish you a new year full of health – we need this to get us through this pandemic, happiness – we need it to keep us connected, and hope – we need this to come through the other side stronger, more connected, cohesive and evermore vibrant.

It goes without saying that prosperity is what we have if we achieve the above.

And the Year of the Tiger will help us achieve health, happiness and hope.

So naturally we will me more prosperous we also need it to 2022 is the year of the Tiger, and it will be a year to be reckoned with. Let me wish all Australians of Chinese heritage celebrating this significant time of the calendar, a prosperous, happy and healthy year.

It is a year to be reckoned with because it will once again test our resolve and commitment to each other for a third year in a row. As difficult, emotional and tiring as it has been, we are continuing ahead with vaccinations, booster doses, and supporting and caring for each other.

Our collective voice roars far and loud, ensuring Victoria continues to be one of the best states in the world with so much cultural richness, diversity and colour – even under very difficult circumstances.

As we look forward to the new year, I want to sincerely express my appreciation and gratitude to you and the Melbourne Dai Long Association for the many, many years of hard work, volunteering and commitment to celebrating and sharing your Chinese heritage with pride, and making sure your contribution continues to form part of this multicultural state and nation. I am certain the younger generation looks upon your work with pride and role models in this important work into the future.

I also express my appreciation to Uncle Danny Doon JP Treasurer and also as President of the Chinatown Precincts Association, and the entire executive of the Melbourne Dai Long Association for their ongoing partnership and collaboration.

As we say goodbye to the Ox and welcome the Tiger, I thank you for the partnership and look forward to continuing our collaboration into 2022 and beyond.

Ms Vivienne Nguyen

Chair of Victorian Multicultural Commission



On the occasion of the traditional Chinese New Year, I wish to extend, on behalf of the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne, my best wishes and warmest festive greetings to the Chinese community in Victoria. I also wish to take this opportunity to express sincere my thanks to all those who have supported and contributed to the friendship between Victoria and China.

Celebration of the Chinese New Year is an iconic tradition of the Chinese culture, which promotes friendship, harmony, peace and prosperity. Started by the Chinese community, the Chinese New Year celebrations in Victoria have been widely enjoyed by people across the state for decades. It has become a highlight on Victoria’s multicultural calender, a showcase of the vitality of the Chinese community and a symbol of Victoria-China friendship.

I am delighted to learn that the 2022 Melbourne Chinatown Chinese New Year Festival will embrace a series of exciting events showcasing the Chinese culture. I hope these festivities will promote greater mutual understanding and appreciation among different communities in Victoria and further deepen the friendship between the Australian and Chinese people.

I wish the 2022 Melbourne Chinatown Chinese New Year Festival a complete success and wish everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Tiger!


Consul-General of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne